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We are excited and celebrate all the hard work of BRAVE

Since June 2021, a coalition of people has worked hard to ensure rights for the least among us. Planned Parenthood will not be building a new facility in Brighton.

BRAVE (Brighton Residents Against Violence)

Standing up for Life

Grassroots efforts, public advocacy at town meetings despite the limits of virtual meetings and efforts across the town lines help to make this happen.

According to their website: here is what they did:

  • 14 Brighton Town Board and Planning Board meetings totaling

  • 7+ months of board meetings with not one meeting missed consecutively and exactly

  • 127 presentations opposing the Brighton PP total

  • 8 on average presenters at each meeting

From their site: "Each presentation contains critical facts and information on Planned Parenthood as an organization, the harmful cost and effects of abortion, and why the organization as a whole is not desired in the Brighton community."


Their efforts have worked - see here for the full press release from BRAVE (Brighton Residents Against Violence)


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