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Dr. Mary Dahl Maher
A Feminist Perspective of Prolife Women's Health Care

Mary Dahl Maher, PhD, MPH, teaches undergraduate public health, transcultural nursing, and women’s studies courses at Nazareth College, where she is the Global Outreach Coordinator for the Nursing Department. A certified nurse-midwife, she has worked in her own private practice, in a hospital system, and in a federally-funding community health center.


Dr. Dahl Maher has spoken at Fordham University about a Feminist Perspective of Prolife Women's Health Care.

Aimee Murphy
  • Consistent Life Ethic
  • Try Nonviolence: Inclusion in the Fight for Human Rights

Aimee Murphy serves not only an Advisory Board Member to FFNVC, but also as the Executive Director and founder of Life Matters Journal, the leading Consistent Life Ethic magazine. Murphy also created The Pro-Life Allies coalition, an effort to both be a more welcoming space for the non-traditional pro-lifers, and to be a witness to society that the movement is united in the midest of so much diversity.


After a personal conversion to the cause against abortion as a teen due to a pregnancy scare and pursuant death threats from her then-partner who insisted that she get an abortion, she came to support and defend a holistic ethic of non-violence during her time in university. During the time of her undergraduate studies, she successfully helped the pro-life organization on campus to facilitate fruitful dialogue surrounding abortion by addressing the ethical foundation of pro-life belief and holistic care for the human person.


She has spoken to audiences across the nation, including attendees at the 25th Anniversary Consistent Life Conference.

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