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Articles on Pro-Life Feminism

The following articles were not written or necessarily endorsed by Feminists for Nonviolent Choices. We have included pieces in this list that actively oppose pro-life feminism. Please click on the title to read the rest of the original article.


If you know of an article that's not on this list, please email us.

Erin Matson | Personal Blog | 1/8/15

"She is appropriating the label of feminism so long as she continues to believe that individual women should not be respected in their decisions around sexuality and pregnancy."

Anonymous | Personal Blog | 3/18/15

"Reproductive health rights means access to contraceptives and information on correct use and side effects. Our pro choice sisters get by on the claim of bodily autonomy, nobody can claim a right to your body that goes above your own right."

Bridget L. Fay | National Review | 3/9/15

"By equating controversial ideas about abortion with human-rights abuses, the American feminist establishment does a disservice to the women’s movement: It alienates some of its strongest allies and silences the dissenting voices of pro-life women."

Sarah Terzo | Live Action News | 3/4/15

"Early suffragists such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony paved the way for women to become active in politics, but many people don’t know that the most outspoken, vocal, and influential feminists of the 1800s were pro-life."

Rani Bikhu | Spectator | 2/17/15

"I took the view that if sex-discrimination started before birth, then any effort to combat it would have to do the same... I have always been pro-choice"

Alex Doody | Cherwell | 2/7/15

"The all-female panel featured a paediatrician, a qualified solicitor, a Rhodes Schola r, a trainee teacher, and a charity fundraiser explaining how they came to support a pro-life stance, and how they find a pro-life ethos to be compatible with their feminism."

MG | Oxford Students for Life | 2/6/15

"The brand of feminism that defends abortion continues the institutional abuse of the weak by the strong, and in doing so, contradicts the fundamental principles of feminism itself."

Stephanie Pacheco | Truth & Charity Forum | 2/5/15

"Can there be a pro-life form of feminism that Catholics can embrace, a form of feminism that trumpets the Gospel’s joyful news of God’s tender care for all His creation? I step out on a branch here and answer 'yes'"

Marge Fenelon | National Catholic Register | 2/5/15

"Autonomy and independence are values that certainly should be aspired to. But there’s a great percentage of our lives when we are dependent and vulnerable...  The idea that autonomy is the No. 1 goal of feminists doesn’t reflect the full swath of human experience."

Sheila Liaugminas | MercatorNet | 2/3/15

"Such a cultural restructuring in support of caregiving — one that pro-life feminists seek — would benefit this generation’s fathers as well. - See more at:"

Sarah Delap | Oxford Students for Life | 2/3/15

"It can be argued that the unborn are oppressed by born humans in the same way that females are oppressed by males; the value of the first is determined by the opinions of the second."

TK | Personal Blog | 1/30/15

"I have not been shy about my support of a women’s right to choose, so this opinion may come as a surprise to you.... No matter what, pro-life feminists are not myths. They may be few, but that doesn’t make them invisible."

Erika Bachiochi | CNN | 1/22/15

"Abortion expects nothing more of men, nothing more of medicine, and nothing more of society at large. Abortion betrays women by having us believe that we must become like men — that is, not pregnant — to achieve parity with them, professionally, socially, educationally."

Samantha Lachman | Huffington Post | 1/22/15

"And we’re making pro-life feminism mainstream and real. We’re letting people know, hey, this exists."

Serrin M. Foster | America | 1/19/15

"Not all feminists support abortion. Properly defined, feminism is a philosophy that embraces basic rights for all human beings without exception."

Marilyn Kopp | | 1/7/15

"Let's make abortion unthinkable by facilitating holistic, life affirming alternatives such as those offered by the many pregnancy resource centers in our communities and by college outreach programs. Women deserve better than abortion."

Cathy Young | TIME Magazine | 12/31/14

"Even respectful dialogue with people who consider themselves pro-life feminists would benefit both sides."

Erin Matson | The Washington Post | 12/12/14

"The concept of a pro-life feminist is untenable because restrictions upon abortion deny women their agency as moral decision-makers and dignity as human beings."

Kathleen Parker | The Washington Post | 12/9/14

"“My colleagues and even my constituents respected me for those views and they didn’t punish me for those views. Now being pro-choice is a litmus test for women and we’ve got to get over it."

I Realised You Could Be Pro-Life & Not Be Judging Women

Michaela Aston | Oxford Students for Life | 10/25/14

"Feminists have traditionally defended the unborn – as we noted earlier in the week – partly because the two causes are bound together by their respect for the human... As misogyny still blights our society, so does a prejudice against the unborn. Moreover, the law upholds discrimination on grounds of disability

Lauren Enriquez | Live Action News | 9/24/14

"It is a logical fallacy for anyone to call themselves feminist — supporting any rights of women — if they oppose the right of women to be born. "

Kelsey Hazzard | Secular Pro-Life | 8/18/14

"Those goals are impeded by leaders who insist that feminism is synonymous with support for the legal killing of preborn human beings. You'd think they'd be trying to build broad coalitions to work on issues where pro- and anti-abortion women agree, but instead, they're busy demonizing pro-lifers."


"Early feminists didn’t shy away from controversial topics, hiding their true intent in pretty language... If abortion is such a wonderful thing, a necessary right for women like voting and equal pay, then why are you afraid to use the word?"

Nancy Flanders | Live Action | 7/22/14

"Until females and their ability to nurture a human life inside their womb and give birth are truly respected and fertility is seen once again as a gift instead of a side effect, women will never truly be viewed as valuable."

Robert Christian | TIME Magazine | 4/10/14

"Increased economic security and opportunity, greater flexibility at the workplace, and greater access to quality childcare and education for their children will lead many women to choose life."

Stephanie Dilworth | Michigan Daily | 11/18/13

“Women don’t have abortions because they want to; they have abortions because they lack support emotionally and finically and all the things they need to have to have a child.”

Frank Ludwig | Secular Pro-Life | 6/19/13

"At that time gynecologist Dr. Bernard Nathanson and journalist Lawrence Lader promoted abortion rights and decided to involve feminists in order to give their agenda a wider platform.  They approached Betty Friedan who in 1968, together with Pauli Murray, wrote the NOW Bill of Rights ... This was the first time that the demand for abortion appeared in a feminist context."

Jay Sun | Thought Catalog | 3/31/14

"I can’t presume to speak for feminism, but I would imagine that anybody who considers themselves a feminist would speak out harshly against sex selective infanticide and abortion."

Michele Sterlace-Accorsi | Buffalo News | 3/2/13

"Hailed by NARAL Pro-Choice New York as a “central component” of the Women’s Equality Act, the RHA falls far short of empowering women, and may in fact harm women."

Amy Lepine Peterson | Patheos | 2/20/13

"I believe that when we call feminism an enemy, most people in our culture today actually hear us saying that we don’t believe in the full personhood of women."

Ross Douthat | New York Times | 1/26/13

"The pro-life cause has proved unexpectedly resilient, in other words, not because millions of Americans are nostalgists for a world of stricter gender norms, but because they have convinced themselves that the opportunities the feminist revolution won for women can be sustained without unrestricted access to abortion."

Mara Hollander | Policy Mic | 1/15/13

"For feminism to effectively make the changes we get so fired up about, we have to cast a wider net and include the people who agree with us on most issues."

Amanda Marcotte | RH Reality Check | 1/7/13

"I think, even if you think there’s such thing as a “pro-life” feminist, that we can and all should agree that those who wear the label “feminist” support women’s equality outside of the abortion battle."

Tracie Egan Morrissey | Jezebel | 1/4/13

"While "the original feminists" were certainly admirable and courageous women, it is absolutely idiotic to consider their views on abortion as part and parcel to feminism."

Emily Buchanan | Time Magazine | 1/3/13

"So the pro-life movement hasn’t changed the meaning of feminism, as has been suggested. It was the neo-feminists of the 1960s and ’70s who asked women to prize abortion as the pathway to equality."

Mallory Quigly | Life News | 4/27/12

"If there is a so-called “war” being waged on women, the refusal to acknowledge those women who support the sanctity of Life – both contemporary and historical – sure seems to be a part of it."

Andrew Bair | Life News | 3/12/12

"When basic human rights are denied to one group in a society, that violation affects society as a whole. For this reason, both men and women should take the time to contemplate on the status of women."

Jennifer Hartline | Catholic Online | 7/6/10

"An entire class of human beings are denied the right to live and even be called a person - this is the odious fruit of pro-abort feminism.  That is the "progress" pro-abort feminists can rightfully say they've achieved."

Taylor Marsh | Huffington Post | 7/2/09

"However, the premise of the article, that is that "pro-life" women are reclaiming "feminism," is not only absurd, but a bizarre fantasy."

Carolyn C. Gargaro | Personal Blog | 1997

"True feminism, as I believe, condemns those who support oppression - whether the oppression be against women, men, minorities, or the unborn"

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