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Terracotta Daughters

By: Carol Crossed, Board Member

Last week I went to New York City to The China Institute to see the exhibit on gender selection and the preference for male children.

Called Terracotta Daughters, it is a take on the Terracotta Warriors found in the Xi’an archeological site, a tomb that numbered 2000 statues.

The sculptor is French-born Prune Nourry, who created the life size figures from 8 orphan girls, then individualized each one, creating 108 unique pieces.

The exhibit has been in London and in China and will now go to the Diego Rivera Museum in Mexico City. In 2015, Nourry plans to return to China where the statues will be buried commemorating the death of girls. She plans to uncover and redisplay them in 2030 when it is predicted gendercide will be at its peak.

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