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Sunday Salon

Sunday Salons were informal gatherings in people's homes that were made popular in the Victorian age. Artists, poets, and philosophers discussed values, politics, and culture in friendly settings over tea.


Feminists for Nonviolent Choices invites women (or anyone interested) to bring a guest into their home or to a welcoming space, such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or library to discuss issues of gender and violence from both pro-life and pro-choice perspectives.


How often have we as pro-lifers assumed to know why a co-worker, family member, or neighbor was pro-choice, only to discover our assumptions were wrong? How often do we make time to listen to those who disagree with us?


Having personal gatherings allows dialogue in a disarming atmosphere.


Sunday Salons can happen on any day of the week at any time. We encourage small gatherings of four to six people.


For more information on upcoming Sunday Salons or to organize your own, please contact us at



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