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25 Years of Pro-Life Feminism

On September 9, 1990, Feminists for Life of Western New York (at that point, a local chapter of Feminists for Life of America) published a letter in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle signed by over 300 women from the area. 


"We, the undersigned women, believe:


Abortion does not liberate women, nor will it ever make us equal with men. On the contrary, abortion validates the view which holds that women encumbered by motherhood are inferior to men.


We refuse to accept abortion which denigrates the life-giving capacity of women. We strive instead to create a world that recognizes a feminism which is, properly, part of a larger philosophy that values all life."


Twenty-five years later, we have our changed our name, moved into an office building, spoken at conferences, hosted event series, and shared our message around the world. Click here to read more about the work we do.


Despite these changes over the years, we are still and will continue to be advocates for the human dignity of all people. We are unshakably opposed to abortion as a result of our feminist position. We believe in true equality. We believe that all life has value, no exceptions.


To celebrate our 25th year, actress Margaret Colin will join us in March.


We are asking fellow advocates for life and human dignity to invest $25 in honor of our 25 years of activism and outreach.

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